Content & PR specialist


Here are some articles I've written in English for various websites. Please contact me if you need any additional examples, or have a look at some articles I wrote in Dutch.

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Four email marketing tips to help you get most out of Gmail - Marketingprofs.com Gmail shows images by default, impact on email statistics - Copernica.com Should you use poor spelling for Google's sake? - Lewis PR What have you done to protect your clients from phishing attacks? - Copernica.com Gmail shows images by default, impact on email statistics - Copernica.com MailerQ version 1.0 coming up - MailerQ.com Boost your email conversion with Schema.org - Copernica.com Building PHP extensions with C++ - PHP-CPP

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As a ghostwriter

Five reasons you should stop using no-reply addresses right now - Econsultancy.com How to optimize your emails for search - iMedia Connection Email reputation: what is the expiration date of your opt-ins? - Econsultancy.com Five tips to increase your email CTR - Marketingprofs.com Four tips for spring cleaning your emailing list - Marketing Tech News Improve your email reputation - Smart Insights Five tips for reducing spam complaints - Econsultancy.com How to improve your email call-to-actions - Marketing Tech News Relevancy: the key to increasing your open rates - Marketing Donut Six email deliverability lessons you can learn from SEO - Econsultancy.com Three essential email marketing tips - Econsultancy.com 5 email marketing pitfalls to avoid - Marketing Tech News

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